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Sarah Hartman Women's College of Touro organizes various events that seamlessly blend education with enjoyment. From engaging workshops and guest lectures to themed social gatherings and holiday celebrations, our events cater to various interests. 
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Rabbi Eliezer irons


Sarah Hartman Women's College of Touro places a strong emphasis on preparing its students for the rapidly evolving world, offering a diverse array of workshops that cover essential topics such as technology, current events, and various academic disciplines. 

Melave Malka


The Hershey z"l and Shoshana a"h Friedman Melave Malka Halacha Shiur Series takes place during the winter months.  Honors students arrange for a respected Rav from the community to speak to Post Seminary young women about certain issues and to clarify the Halachos.  Rabbis have answered shaylos on "Women in the Workplace," " Shabbos," "Sensitivity in Speech", "Kashrus,"  "Checking for Bugs in Food," "Ben Adam L'Chavero," and more.   Honored Rabbeim who have spoken to the women have been Rabbi Shmuel Fuerst shlit"a,  Rabbi Shmuel Irons shlit"a, Rabbi Henoch Plotnick shlit"a, Rabbi Yisroel Langer shlit"a, Rabbi Shmuel Oren shlit"a,  among many others.


Following the shiur, a delicious meal is enjoyed by the women.   The Melave Malkas have become an extremely popular event for the Hartman students. The women feel that they are learning a great deal of halachos which will help them in their adult lives.


At Sarah Hartman Women's College of Touro, whether marking Jewish holidays with joyous festivities, taking refreshing study coffee breaks, or simply celebrating the moments "just because," the university fosters a vibrant community. These occasions serve as opportunities for students to come together, share in each other's company, and build lasting connections, creating a campus atmosphere that values both academic achievement and the joy found in community.


Sarah Hartman Women's College of Touro offers a dynamic and engaging campus life, organizing a variety of events that extend beyond traditional academic pursuits. From exciting outings like bowling and snow tubing to creative activities such as cooking classes and ceramic painting, the university ensures that students have opportunities to unwind, bond with peers, and explore diverse interests. 
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